Boo hoo for boots

November 13, 2008 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized)


I had a very sad experience last night. Kelly and I were sitting around about to face a double-whammy of Heroes (which the lads glue themselves to each week and us girls are not even allowed to talk!) when we realized we now live not five minutes from the biggest mall in Europe. Well it was tempting, so I took off my pjs and we went. We were on the lookout for boots of our dreams. I had money (well plastic) burning a hole in my jeans and I was desperado for the funky new boots I’ve always dreamed of, ever since Mere took off with my black ankle boots and I didn’t realize for years until I complimented her on her nice boots and she said ‘They’re yours’ ha ha.

Anyway the most gigantic beast of a mall now lives with us in She Bu, and I still couldn’t find a pair. So upsetting, I should have just gone to bed early! It was very upsetting to not find anything fabulous in such a monstrous place.

On a more positive note, we are having a little party tonight to farewell Alex back to New Zealand. It was supposed to be a fireworks party but since it was ‘organised’ by Team Uxbridge, the four most useless people on this planet – well we have no fireworks and the plan to make delicious tapas has not been pulled off either. But don’t worry for Paul ‘Red’ Sanderson has come up with a plan to still make it the best party you’ve never been to: Pizza and Doritos. Sorted.



  1. martin* said,

    You went to the mall nude?

  2. Mere said,

    Haha, I still wear those sometimes. They are ridiculously uncomfortable, but look great under jeans. Thanks 😉

    Keep on searching – the right pair is out there!


  3. Kelly said,

    I actually knew you were going to write that! I almost edited that bit out and then I thought, nah wait a minute let’s see if Martin does it! ha ha classic.

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